Welcome to: Bodham Village Web Site. Bodham is a village in North Norfolk situated between Holt and Cromer, UK.

Bodham Village Signs

Bodham's New Village Sign

The new Bodham Village Sign, Bodham, North Norfolk, UKBodham Ladies presenting the new village sign, Bodham, North Norfolk, UKThe Bodham village sign can be seen standing proud as you drive along the main road (A148) between Holt and Cromer. Bodham is a village set in the midst of agricultural land, with enough modern houses and bungalows to make you realise that it has grown in recent years - as so many Norfolk villages have.

The sign was designed, hand-crafted and hand-painted by Brian Gale of Eaton, Norwich who has made many a sign for other villages in and around Norfolk and the Home Counties

The unveiling took place on Sunday 16 October 2011 and a dedication followed by Rev Peter Alexander.

About 50 members of the community attended the unveiling and all were pleased with the resulting sign.

The original sign, given by Bodham and District WI in 1977 and although refurbished in 2007, being wood it was beginning to rot.

Members of the Bodham Bingo Club have donated Bodham's new sign to the village. The club has been running for around 20 years and has made many donations to village projects during that period.

The club was originally formed by a large committee but in the last few years Pam Baker, June Sayer, Pearl Toyn, Ann Digby and Gill Linford have looked after the running week on week.

The Old Bodham Village Sign

Old Bodham Village Sign, Bodham, North Norfolk, UKThe sign shows a representation of a medieval tax collector going about his employment. The tax collector's name was Boda and is mentioned in the Domesday Book, which confirms his existence and the fact that he lived there. Bodham means "Boda's Village".

The usual assumption is that a tax collector collects money and here, on the sign, we can see bags for the cash. However, if due taxes were not forthcoming in coin of the realm then portable goods were acceptable, hence one may suppose that the depicted livestock were for tax payment.

Congratulation should be given to the village of Bodham for thinking of yet another theme to add to the interest of much admired village signs in the county. The sign was the gift of Bodham and District Women's Institute on the occasion of the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977. The sign was made by Harry Carter who has made many village signs in Norfolk.

On 29 July 2007 the refurbished Village Sign was unveiled. The sign was refurbished by the inmates of Wayland Prison under the guidance of Don Clark. A wonderful job was made of the sign and a letter was sent to the Governor of the prison to thank him. Wayland prison is not allowed to charge for the work done but they asked to a donation to be sent to Quidenham Childrens Hospice. This was done immediately.


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