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May 2021

Springtime takes the reins from Winter,
And smiles upon the wobbly lamb;
Robin pipes a melody,
Telling the New Day ….
“Here I am!”
T.J. Linford

Parish Council

Pat Cubitt [712611] Chairman,
Callum Ringer [07824 381519 or 588486] - Vice Chairman,
Len Perrott [588815], Peter Bedell [588743], Fred Cable[588887], Harry Bruford [588122] and Justin Turvey [588179]
Clerk to the Council: John Stibbons [577397]
To email the Clerk: Bodhampc@gmail.com
District Councillor: Pierre Butikofer [Pierre Butikofer@northnorfolk.gov.uk]

  The next meeting of Bodham Parish Council will incorporate the Annual Parish Meeting.  All parishioners are welcome to attend and it is during the Annual Parish Meeting that parish organisations are encouraged to give a report of their activities over the past two years (There was no annual meeting held in 2020 because of Covid).  The annual meeting is on May 17th and will start at the earlier time of 7pm and will be held in the Village Hall if restrictions are eased as planned.  
Elections for Norfolk County Council and Police and Crime Commissioner are taking place on Thursday May 6th.  The polling station is in the village hall and will be open from 7am – 10pm.  Like entering a shop, face coverings must be work when using the polling station.

Bodham Parish Council would like to place on record its gratitude to Bodham Red Hart for the shop service they provided for the community during the Lockdown and look forward to them reopening later this month.
Bodham and Beckham Community Shop Project

Post Office Van in Bodham, North Norfolk, UK

We are delighted to welcome Simon Ward on board as our treasurer.  Filling this position means we can now press on in earnest with the project, thanks Simon! 


We have since held a site meeting with a local landowner/developer about a potential site in the centre of the village, which was encouraging, and we hope to be able to begin to announce plans in more detail in the coming weeks.   
For more information contact Callum Ringer [07824 381519] callumringer@yahoo.co.uk 

Bodham Playing Field Committee

Michael Sayer - Chair [588228],
Harry Bruford - Vice Chair [588122],
Ann Digby - Secretary [588409],
Peter Bedell - Treasurer [588743],
Fred Cable, [588887] Derek Sayer [588266], Mary Sayer, Emma Gosling, [East Coast Warriors] and David Wiltshire [Cromer Youth Old Boy]

Latest News
It is pleasing to report that Football is back and is going well. Although there has been no talk of forming a North Norfolk Super League the teams that use our field have made positive comments about the condition of the playing surface. So thanks to our 'Pitch Improvers' for their efforts.
The Playing Field Committee have met and have discussed a number of issues which will continue to improve the facilities for the village.

Bodham and Beckham Village Hall

Bodham Village Hall in the Snow

Pam Baker - Chair [588740], Harry Bruford - Vice Chair [588122], Ann Digby - Secretary [588409], Peter Alexander - Treasurer, Brenda Alexander[588126], Derek Sayer [588266], Peter Bedell, Jackie Bedell [588743] Helen Bruford, Anthea Sweeney, Julia Dovey and Tracy Toyn


Bodham and Beckham Village Hall - Latest News
There are signs that over the coming months and that the staged steps to move out of 'Lockdown' go according to plan that some activities will resume to take place in the Village Hall.

Bodham and Beckham Horticultural Show The show is scheduled for Saturday 24th July 2021 and so far it looks as though we will be able to go ahead without limitations.  The Schedules will be printed after 17th May subject to Step 3 of the Government Guidelines being approved. They will be delivered to every household in Bodham & Beckham as soon as possible after printing. The show is open to all; not just residents of Bodham and Beckham.  We would like to make it clear that all entries that you wish to retain can be uplifted at the end of the show and do not have to be entered for auction. We would like to thank all our sponsors who, despite all the difficulties businesses have faced during the lockdowns, have once again given us funding. 

They are: Allards Butchers of Holt, Crayford & Abbs, East and West Beckham Solar Community Fund, Homeopathic Supply Company, Kelling Heath Holiday Park, North Norfolk Garden Machinery & Holt Mobility Centre Ltd, R C Wright Ltd and Woodlands Leisure Upper Sheringham

Anyone outside the villages who would like a copy please contact us after that date by email: aprince@btconnect.com , 01263 588235 or 07778586603. 

We hope that this year’s show will be extra special and a real chance for us to get together after all the restrictions of the last year and a half.  The profits from this year’s show will go towards the Bodham & Beckham Over 70’s Christmas Lunch which has been booked for Saturday 11th December.
Alan & Shirley Prince
Show Organisers 
All Saints Church

All Saints Church, Bodham, North Norfolk, UK

Thankfully we are now able to hold the following services at our church.
- Sunday 2nd May - 9.15 am - Holy Communion
- Sunday 16th May - 9.45 - Morning Praise in the Village Hall if open or in the church.

Remember to wear a facemask and observe social distancing.
Our church remains open each Sunday, 9.00 am - 4.00 pm for visitors or private prayer.

Bodham Church Graveyard - A message from Peter and Brenda Alexander
Our thanks to Roger Ward for tidying the refuse part of the graveyard. There is now a refuse bin and we would ask people to use this for items of a non-combustible nature that would only clutter the main area of the tip, which should only be used for materials that will eventually decompose.
Editor - Thank you.
Good Neighbour Scheme

Face Shields for Bodham, North Norfolk, UK


In this part of the world the Covid Pandemic is hopefully under control. However, please remember that this scheme is still up and running so if you need assistance please contact Mel through the usual channels.

Mel Clarke

Tel: 01263 588 840 Mobile: 07884 365 192

Joannie Sandford - Cook - An Invitation to visit her Studio Meeting Joannie in the queue at The Red Hart turned out to be an opportunity to show the work of yet another talented person in our community. Joannie studied botanical art and natural history and then spent time teaching, running courses and organising art societies. Since her retirement at the age of 80 she has been concentrating on her own work. As with many people lockdown has allowed Joannie to focus her work on what was happening in her own garden which is manicured and tendered by her partner. Here are some of her pieces painted during the lockdown.
Irises by Joannie Sandford, Bodham Sunflowers  by Joannie Sandford, Bodham
Irises Sunflowers
Amalgamation of flowers  by Joannie Sandford, Bodham The piece of work (left) is an amalgamation of flowers added as they appeared from her garden and to finish the composition Joannie added
rhododendrons and magnolias from photos taken in Sheringham Park.

She is opening her studios at West Beckham from 29th May to 6th June on a daily basis from 10.00 - 5.00. This is in conjunction with the newly formed North Norfolk Studios. Please visit www.northnorfolkstudios.co.uk where you will find more details of the many studios that are opening during this time.

Joannie Sandford - Cook is at Sunset Cottage, Sheringham Road, West Beckham, NR25 6PF Email: joansandfordcook@hotmail.com.

From Fine Art to Creative Pallet Upcycling
Bernard Gloster has been putting his skills to good use and on this occasion he has made a 'Mickey Mouse Fence' from an old pallet
Mickey Nouse fence from old pallet by Bernard Gloster


The Michael Sayer Quiz

Quiz Logo

1. In which sport is Greg Louganis famous?     
2.  In Cockney slang what is Mutt and Jeff?  
3. Who plays the part of Vera Stanhope  in the detective ITVdrama 'Vera'?  
4 At which sporting venue are the Grace Gates?  
5. How many hands does Big Ben have?   
6. In which country is the Port of Archangel? 
7. What were Jaguar cars called before World Ward 2?       
8. What does OXFAM stand for?
9. What is Elton John's middle name? 
10.Which part of the UK still issues dog licences?                                       •


Answers for April

 1.Canada  2.  Drunk in public  3. Breed of Ponies  4. Item of Scottish Headgear 5. The Cresta Run  6. Max Bygaves  7. Shetland Isles 8. Eel fishing 9.Yellowstone10. Breeds of Finches 

The Red Hart & Bodham Village Store

The Red Hart Inn sign, Bodham, North N orfolk, UK

We continue to serve Fish and Chips on a Friday
The Sunday Roast service will resume - Sunday 23rd May
The Wednesday Pizza service will resume Wednesday 26th May


Facebook - Red Hart Bodham Twitter - @RedHart Bodham
Dog Fouling

Dog Fouling Bin, Bodham, North Norfolk, UK

Two bins are provided for the disposal of dog waste, please do not throw your plastic bags in the hedgerow use the bins provided.

There are some people who are just not taking notice of the above ongoing request to put 'Dog Poo' plastic bags in the 'Red Bins'. Some of our residents were disgusted to find these bags in the hedgerow and also deposits of dog faeces whilst out walking down The Loke. We are fortunate that we can enjoy the countryside and the walks we have available to us. Unfortunately this enjoyment is being spoilt by people who are not following the local byelaws. It is very difficult to understand why people take 'Dog Poo' bags with them and then dispose of them in our hedgerows and can't be bothered to put them in a bin.


Recycle Logo

New Clothes Recycling bin in Bodham

Please remember our new bin which can be used for Clothes and Shoes.

This is located next to the Bottle and Paper Banks. Please bag your items.

Please use it for clothing, handbags, belts and shoes.

Please do not use it for soiled rags, carpet, rugs, blankets, towels, sheets, glass, metal, paper and rubbish. If the bin is full please do not leave recyling items next to it.

Items taken to the Recycling Site in the village benefit the Parish through credits from the
Mobile Post Office

Mobile Post Van in Bodham, North Norfolk, UK

Serving the Local Community - Residents of Bodham will no doubt have noticed the regular visits from the CT Baker Budgens Post Office van to Bodham and Beckham Village Hall.

The fully converted Mercedes Sprinter vehicle provides a vital outreach service to Bodham during its scheduled visits to the Village Hall Car Park every Tuesday from 12.30pm - 2.30pm

Citizen's Advice Bureau - Holt Office

Citizens advice bureau logo

The Holt office of Norfolk Citizens Advice are now offering a limited service on Tuesday and Fridays.


They are inviting clients to leave their details at the office, Kerridge Way, Holt, N25 6DN for a call-back when they will be interviewed over the telephone. Where this isn't possible they will try their best to arrange a face to face appointment.

Adviceline 03444 111444 or Email advice www.ncab.org.uk

Miss Kay’s Bookstore

Independent Usborne Organiser - Miss Kay's Bookstore, Bodham, North Norfolk, UK

Miss Kay’s Book Club

For 2021, I am keeping it nice and simple!


For May our book will be ‘Infinity Files by S.M. Wilson'


Book Club Price: £8.00 (£11 inc Postage)






Tel – 01263 588840 / 07584 250 841 Email – info@miss-kay.co.uk
Website - org.usbornebooksathome.co.uk/misskaysbookstore/


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Roger Ward, Holly House, Cromer Road, Bodham, Norfolk NR25 6QG
01263 588627 or 07762 597806

e-mail - rogerward2@btinternet.com
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