Welcome to: Bodham Village Web Site. Bodham is a village in North Norfolk situated between Holt and Cromer, UK.

Bodham Parish Information

Your Parish Councillors are:
Pat Cubitt [712611] Chairman,
Callum Ringer [07824 381519 or 588486] - Vice Chairman,
Len Perrott [588815],
Peter Bedell [588743],
Fred Cable[588887],
Harry Bruford [588122]
Justin Turvey [588179]
Clerk to the Council: John Stibbons [577397]
To email the Clerk: Bodhampc@gmail.com
District Councillor: Pierre Butikofer [Pierre Butikofer@northnorfolk.gov.uk]


To all members of the Bodham Parish Council Your presence is requested at the Meeting of Bodham Parish Council to be held in the Bodham and Beckham Village Hall on

Monday 13th September 2021 commencing at 7.30pm

J. Stibbons ( Parish clerk 8th September 2021)


1. To accept apologies for absence.

2. To receive any Declarations of Interest

3. Comments and Questions on the agenda from members of the public.

4. To Approve the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 13th July 2021

5. Matters arising from the minutes.

6. Any reports from County, District or Parish Councillors.

7. Community Shop Report

8. Speeding SAM 2 update.

9. Street Lights Annual cleaning programme and defects list.

10. Allotment Tenancy Agreement

11. Financial matters.
Current account Balance at 13/9/2021 15893.26 (Note: includes 180 community shop grant)
Country Style Recycling 30.60
NNDC Dog Bins 436.80
Plunkett Foundation Membership 310
J.R.Ward News letter 45
J.Stibbons Salary/expenses 676.24
HMRC PAYE 140.40

12. Matters for information only or for the next agenda.

Latest Parish Council News

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