Welcome to: Bodham Village Web Site. Bodham is a village in North Norfolk situated between Holt and Cromer, UK.

Bodham Parish Information

Your Parish Councillors are:
Cllr Cllr Callum Ringer (Chair)
Cllr Roger Ward (vice chair)
Cllr Fred Cable
Cllr JP Ringer 01263 588486
Cllr Paul Suffolk 07765938625
Cllr Jemma Cutting

Bodham Parish Clerk
Dan Futter – CiLCA qualified

Telephone: 07903 055 969

See newsletter for date of the next meeting.

District Councillor: Cllr Callum Ringer callum.ringer@north-norfolk.gov.uk


ANNUAL ACCOUNTS - View pdf here


You are hereby summoned to attend the Monthly Parish Meeting, which includes the Annual Parish Meeting of Bodham Parish Council at 7pm on Tuesday 7th May 2024 in the Village Hall.
General information
Please ensure that everyone remains respectful at all times. Anyone becoming disruptive during the meeting will be removed.
A large print copy of the agenda can be obtained from the Clerk.
Information for Members of the Public and Press:
Should members of the public or press wish to speak on an item on this agenda would they please submit it via email (contact details above) by 5pm on 3rd May 2024. This will then be read out under public participation for members to consider.
Locum Clerk to the council: Dan Futter Date: 1st May 2024

 (a) To confirm that this meeting will be recorded, and that Members of the Council and public are reminded they should behave appropriately.
(b) To receive and consider apologies.
(c) To receive Declarations of Interest on Agenda items and consider requests for Dispensations.

Annual Parish Meeting
2. Welcome
3. Minutes
To approve the draft minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting held on 15th May 2023.
4. Chair’s Annual Report
5. To elect the Chair and Vice-Chair
6. Digital Switchover talk by the County Councillor
7. Annual Reports from the District Councillor, County Councillor and the Police
8. Annual Reports from any local groups
9. Parish Matters - “You have your say” - an opportunity for members of the parish to speak
10. Parish Plan
11. Finance Statements 2023/24
12. To revise Councillors Responsibilities
13. To confirm all policies, procedures, Standing Orders etc to be reviewed over the coming months
14. Any other business

Monthly Parish Meeting
15. Public Participation
(a) The meeting will be adjourned to allow correspondence from members of the public and any councillors with prejudicial interests to speak.
Note that only items on this Agenda are to be discussed – for any other item/subject please contact the Clerk in writing for submission at a future meeting.
(b) To receive reports from the County Councillor and the District Councillor.
(c) To receive reports from the Councillors.
(d) Matters arising.
16. Planning
(a) To consider planning applications received since the publication of the agenda
(b) To receive any updates regarding the garages site
(c) Any outstanding planning issues
17. Finance
(a) To receive any updates from the bank
(b) To approve the following invoices for payment
I. D Futter Salary for April £ 402.63
II. D Futter Aprils expenses £ 2.64
III. Zurich Annual Insurance £ 709.52
IV. Bodham Village Hall Hall hire (3 months) £ 67.50
(c) To approve payment of invoices received since the publication of the agenda
18. Highways matters
To go over outstanding highways issues
19. Allotments
To go over outstanding allotments issues
20. Weybourne Road Noticeboard
21. Co-opt Councillor
To co-opt a new councillor to the council –
(a) Applicants can, if they wish, introduce themselves briefly to the councillors and give some background etc to support their application.

(b) Note that all applicants and members of the public present will need to leave the meeting
whilst the council make their decision
22. Governance
(a) To agree and sign off the draft contract for the Clerk
(b) To discuss the storage agreement from the village hall
(c) To discuss the grant application from the village hall
(d) To agree to the draft asset list
23. Correspondence to consider and respond to the following:
Bodham Parish Council
Telephone: 07903 055 969
Email: bodhampc@gmail.com
Website: https://www.bodhamvillage.co.uk/parishinfo.html
Items received since the publication of the agenda.
24. To confirm the date of the next Parish Council Meeting, being Monday 10th June 2024.

Bodham Village Annual Parish Meeting
Bodham Parish Council
07903 055 969


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All the latest information about Bodham can be found on our monthly newsletter. Please click the link on the side menu to access this information.