Welcome to: Bodham Village Web Site. Bodham is a village in North Norfolk situated between Holt and Cromer, UK.

Bodham Parish Plan

The Bodham Parish Plan 2010 has now been published and distributed throughout the Parish with the February 2011 Newsletter.

The time, effort and dogged determination of three members of the original steering committee, Peter Alexander, Harry Bruford and Peter Bedell, along with Terry Linford and Tom Hewitt, has produced this document.

A tremendous amount of hard work has gone into producing the Bodham Parish Plan but in essence this is really where the ‘real work' begins.

Copies of the Plan have been distributed to North Norfolk District Council, Norfolk Rural Community Council, Broadland Housing Association and other relevant bodies in the hope that this will open dialogues on local plans and other issues and also produce more funding for local projects.


The following are comments on the recently distributed Parish Plan:

Thank you for my copy of the Bodham Parish Plan 2010.
Although long-awaited and involving many hours of work for a small group of volunteers, the report is well worth the effort, because it provides evidence that consulting the whole of the community about their wishes for the village, and its facilities, has had many satisfactory outcomes already. By my calculations at least a dozen significant actions emerging from the consultation process have already been initiated and more to come. Thank you again and congratulations. Carolyn Heydon (who started us off in the first place)

I received my copy of the Parish Plan this morning and I was very impressed with it. A
really professional publication and so comprehensive. I can fully understand why it is a relief that its all over. Well done.

I wish to express our congratulations to all who took part in preparing and publishing the Bodham Parish plan 2010. The amount of research and work put into this publication is tremendous,. The end product is informative and enlightening and extremely well presented. You should all be proud of yourselves. CONGRATULATIONS H&JD

Hello, thank you for the plans they were on my desk when I returned from leave.

I find the plan very informative and very well layed out. The ‘You, Your Home and The Area’ (page 9) was particularly good.
I also was impressed by the visual aspect, lots of photographs and colours used.

I’ve just finished reading my copy of the Bodham Parish Plan 2010. It is very very impressive. I was especially amazed at the 85% response rate to the questionnaire which is exceptionally high and really added weight to the entire document. The analysis was well presented and the amount of Actions already Actioned is also amazing - this is a great example to other villages about how a Parish Plan can be a tool to effect positive changes if enough volunteers with enough energy are available - I know it’s still work in progress but thank you Bodham for showing us it can be done.

Holt Area Partnership

We would like to thank you for the time and effort you have given in order to produce the beautifully presented Bodham Parish Plan 2010.
We find it a very informative document illustrating the wishes and opinions of the villagers.
The history of village, both ancient and modern, is fascinating and we know that our many visitors will find it a very interesting read.

I wish to extend my hearty thanks for the Bodham Parish Plan 2010. The dedication in researching all the material which included the ancient history of the area and the history of Bodham Village is admirable. So , well done and thank you for all your hard work.

Please contact me if you would like to be involved or if you require further information.
Peter Bedell 01263 588743 or 07889759557.